Pledges Made, Promises Kept Part 2: Patreon

A thorough audit is underway to ensure The Daffodil Perspective remains anti-racist, committed to championing racial equity, championing all women and de-centring whiteness. The Daffodil Perspective does not now, or ever, condone white supremacy.

The Daffodil Perspective is making numerous necessary changes to its content. I’ve made no secret of the show’s horrific discrimination, the internalised racism that occurred and it is unacceptable. The gender balanced show championing women is now radically different. Half the women composers on every show are women of colour, including black women, Asian women and Latino women on every show.

The next area is Patreon. Through Patreon The Daffodil Perspective offers exclusive monthly content to subscribers. The monthly pint of knowledge includes:

  1. The show transcripts.
  2. Curated Playlist
  3. New release-Round Up

Looking at these in turn:

The transcripts are reflective of the show’s content. Now the show is 25% women of colour (and 25% men of colour), the show transcripts are satisfactory.

Monthly playlist. The playlists tend to be thematic however they’ve not featured enough diversity.

New Release Round-up. These showcase new releases that feature 40% or more female composers. Showcasing 6-8 each month, usually all the new releases of women composers are on this list . However 90% of new releases of women composers feature exclusively white women. This is something which will be examined in a later article about the racism in the classical music gender equality movement.

I cannot change the number of new recordings of music by women of colour. However I can change which recordings I showcase, which recordings I champion and promote to my audience.

If all I’m talking about are white women then I’m perpetuating the white supremacy and racism. I’m supporting it and feeding it. This is unacceptable. There are so many incredible albums to showcase and if the only new recordings being issued are exclusively white then this is something that cannot be supported and encouraged.

With that in mind I’m pleased to announce several changes to the Patreon content effective immediately.

The New Release Round-Up will now change to Producer Picks.

Producer Picks will highlight recordings by all women, it will be inclusive and racially equitable. Women of colour will make up at least 50% of the female content. Men of colour will make up at least 50% of the male content.

Producer Picks will include 8 pieces or albums including:

  1. A maximum of 4 new releases.

The other 4 pieces/albums will include a mix of:

  1. Essential listening
  2. New discoveries
  3. Individual pieces too long for the show
  4. Inclusive recording of the month 

On the current New Release Round-Up each album’s gender balance is listed. This will continue for all albums on Producer Picks as well as adding skin colour/ethnicity.

All new releases of women will be listed along with gender balance and ethnicity in order to gauge the white supremacy and racism in this part of the industry.

I’m also going to start adding the proportion of new releases by women to the number of new releases in total.

Monthly Playlist

The playlist each month will include at least 30% people of colour from now on.

All playlists featuring exclusively living composers will be at least 50% people of colour.

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The Daffodil Perspective is committed to fighting racism now and forever, creating an inclusive, diverse and safe space for everyone to see themselves.

Elizabeth de Brito, Producer

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