Pledges Made, Promises Kept Part 3: Music Submissions Policy

The anti-racist audit and de-centring whiteness campaign continues here on The Daffodil Perspective as I unveil a new music submissions policy.

The Daffodil Perspective is always looking for music and new recordings to feature on the show. From the beginning 18 months ago I’ve both reached out and been sought out by composers and musicians looking to feature their music on the show.

For this next section of the audit I examined how much of the music on The Daffodil Perspective was showcased through connections with artists. Either they’ve contacted me via email or social media or I’ve contacted them about their work.

106 pieces, 52 albums (28 single composer, 24 various composers) were showcased on The Daffodil Perspective as a result of active, direct connections with composers, musicians or labels.

94% of pieces were by white women.

71% of single composer albums were composed by white women

80% of albums with more than one composer featured exclusively white women.

These are pretty stark statistics.

These stats raise more problems that need to be addressed on the show (and in the women’s music movement in general). Full stats will be published shortly along with the issues they raise, the racism, discrimination, implications and possible solutions.

For now though I’m thrilled to unveil the new music submissions policy. Actually it’s the first official music submissions policy on The Daffodil Perspective.

Music Submissions


The Daffodil Perspective accepts submissions of individual pieces for potential inclusion on the show from female black and minority ethnic/BIPOC composers

The Daffodil Perspective also accepts submissions of individual pieces from BIPOC musicians and conductors performing music by female BIPOC composers only.

Priority is given to black, brown and indigenous women.

The Daffodil Perspective does not accept music submissions from white composers, BIPOC male composers or white musicians of any gender.


At The Daffodil Perspective I am excited to hear about new (and older) albums of classical music to showcase on the show in the Album Of The Week section.

Single Composer Albums

The Daffodil Perspective accepts single composer album submissions of music by:

Black and minority ethnic women composers (BIPOC/Women composers of colour)

Priority is given to black, brown and indigenous women composers.

The Daffodil Perspective does not accept single composer album submissions from white composers of any gender or BIPOC male composers.

Various Composer Albums

Albums must include at least 40% music by female composers.

Albums must include at least 1 woman composer of colour.

The Daffodil Perspective accepts various composer album submissions, that conform to the rules above, from:

Black and minority ethnic musicians/BIPOC/musicians of colour.

Chamber ensembles containing at least one black or minority ethnic/BIPOC member

Black and minority ethnic conductors/BIPOC/conductors of colour

Priority is given to women, particularly black, brown and indigenous women.

The Daffodil Perspective does not accept various composer album submissions from white composers, white musicians or all white ensembles of any gender.

All Types of Recording Accepted

Commercial, concert recordings, studio, live performance, rehearsal, practice, bedroom, Soundcloud, Audacity, whatever the medium or audience I want to hear it. The quality will be reviewed but as long as it’s decent-ish I’ll consider it for inclusion.


The Daffodil Perspective plays 50% women composers and 50% people of colour (with gender parity) on every show. White composers and BIPOC male composers will continue to be featured on the show in these proportions. The new policy is in place to prioritise women of colour, showcasing them, championing them, promoting them after the horrific marginalisation and internalised racism of the past 18 months on this show.

This policy will take immediate effect and will be in place until the start of the the show’s 4th season in November 2021, at which point it will be re-examined. But, and I cannot stress this enough, BIPOC artists will continue to be included fairly and equitably in perpetuity on The Daffodil Perspective.

This policy is not just highlighting people of colour for a year then going back to marginalising them. This needs to be made absolutely crystal clear. This music submissions policy will be evaluated at the beginning of The Daffodil Perspective’s 4th season, with a view to consistent, permanent, fair and equitable inclusion.

If you and your music are eligible for potential inclusion use the form below and I’ll be in touch!

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