Show on hiatus until October due to producer accident

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry to announce I was the victim of a serious hit and cycle accident last weekend. I was run over by a cyclist on my way home from my day job. I’ve since sustained a concussion which has got worse and the doctors have advised that I need complete rest and no screen time. This means no computers, phones, TV for at least a week, this unfortunately means I cannot do the next Daffodil Perspective show scheduled on 25th September and all associated activities.

I’m also sorry to my loyal Patreon supporters that this means your monthly pint of knowledge will not be poured this month. Don’t worry as soon as I’m back next month I’ll be giving you double the content to make up for this.

Thanks to everyone for listening to the show and I look forward to resuming normal activities in October.

P.S. All The Daffodil Perspective work is done voluntarily, I’m on Statutory Sick Pay from my day job as well so my income will be halved this month. If you support my work and can spare a small amount in this tough time please consider donating via Paypal and help me get better soon.

Elizabeth de Brito – The Daffodil Perspective Producer

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