Recovery Update, BHM and Fundraiser

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the well wishes during this tough time. It’s been really boring sitting at home doing nothing but I’m pleased to say I’m slowly recovering from the concussion (no thanks to the horrible London cyclist who ran me down).

Since it is Black History Month here in the UK now the show will be returning this Friday with a special episode. More updates to follow.

However The Daffodil Perspective is a one-woman show done voluntarily. Each show takes over 10 hours to research, curate, write, source recordings, produce, present and market. It’s subsidised by a minimum wage day job. Due to the accident I’ve had over 2 weeks off from work, as a result my income for September and October is halved and my job security and home is in jeopardy.

Please donate here via GoFundMe and help me keep fighting for gender and racial equality in classical music.

All donations appreciated, donors will receive special goodies including a transcript, name on the website’s wall of supporters and more.

Many thanks for all your support.

Elizabeth de Brito, creator and producer of The Daffodil Perspective.

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