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I don’t like Mozart. There, I said it.  For years I was ashamed to admit
The 1st ever gender balanced and racially equitable classical radio show is celebrating its 2nd
Hello everyone, The Daffodil Perspective needs your help to continue. Last month I was the
Hey everyone. Thanks for all the well wishes during this tough time. It’s been really
Hello everyone, I’m sorry to announce I was the victim of a serious hit and
Two weeks ago a new music submissions policy was introduced on The Daffodil Perspective. One
Watch this fascinating conversation with activist musician and educator Nate Holder. We discuss music decolonisation,
The anti-racist audit and de-centring whiteness campaign continues here on The Daffodil Perspective as I
A thorough audit is underway to ensure The Daffodil Perspective remains anti-racist, committed to championing
2 months ago I issued an apology statement to black women and women of colour
Yes, I said it. I’m failing in my mission. The Daffodil Perspective champions women but I’ve
Last year the classical music world was going nuts over Beethoven’s 250th birthday and this
The inaccessibility of classical music is quite a heated topic these days, however much of
Classical music is dying. No really, it is.  The classical music industry has stagnated; 70
Yet another derogatory meme is going round the internet comparing pop and classical music. What’s
“I’d like to get into it but I don’t know anything about classical music” Every
Recordings of the Year aren’t just about being good or amazing. Everything I play on
The 1st gender balanced show needs your help to continue. The Daffodil Perspective is the 1st
And the stats are out. 1 year of a gender balanced classical music show, how

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