Press and Media

19th October 2020
Podium Time Podcast
Interview: Fighting for Gender and Racial Balance in Classical Music

13th September 2020
Castle of Our Skins
Interview with Elizabeth de Brito

1st July 2020
Opera Box Score
Interview with Opera Box Score

12th June 2020
Women of Noise
In Conversation with Elizabeth de Brito

13th May 2020
I Care If You Listen
5 Questions to Elizabeth de Brito

3rd August 2019
Cross Eyed Pianist
The Real First Viennese School Guest Blog

17th July 2019
Price Fest
10 Reasons Why Florence Price Inspires Me

11th February 2019
Illuminate Women’s Music
Dame Elizabeth Maconchy Guest Blog

Guest Speaking

11th September 2020
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Induction Talk ‘Inequalities in Music: How Race, Gender and Class Intersect with Classical Music and Jazz

4th April 2020
AHRC Research Network
Representing “Classical Music” in the Twenty-First Century. (N.B. event was cancelled due to COVID lockdown)

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