Repertoire Consultancy

Are you looking for music by women composers but don’t know where to start?

Wanting to program music by women into your concerts but need some assistance or advice?

My expertise covers the whole of classical music history and I have a wealth of experience curating programmes with female composers.

I Offer Comprehensive Repertoire Consulting Services Including:

  1. Advice on female composers of various genres, time periods and instrumentation
  2. Conducting research on female composers.
  3. Ad-hoc requests for information/questions answered.

Prices start from £20.


Repertoire consultant for Chloe Knibbs project ‘The Female Creative Voice’

“Elizabeth’s passion for profiling and championing the work of female composers was clearly apparent from the outset of our collaboration, making the process both a meaningful and enjoyable one. Her knowledge of historical groups of female composers, repertoire and themes associated to their work was invaluable to the development of my Jerwood Arts Bursary project “The Female Creative Voice”  allowing me to focus my research and hone into the pertinent themes for my work.” Chloe Knibbs, composer

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