Hey I’m Elizabeth de Brito and I run The Daffodil Perspective. Growing up and studying classical music in suburban Hertfordshire I was a working class tri-racial girl surrounded by whiteness, maleness and private school privilege. I never felt like I belonged in this world. After a decade of studying nothing but white men I was totally disengaged from classical music and left the world behind.

Then in March 2018 the music of Florence Price brought me back. I found all these brilliant female composers, and these amazing black, Asian and ethnically diverse male composers and musicians, the passion for classical music was reborn and I thought maybe there was a place for me.

However 12 years out of the classical world and all the problems were still there, all the reasons I hated the classical music world in my teens were still saturating everything. All the snobbery, racism, sexism, white supremacy, white privilege, all still governing the mainstream industry. Musicians and ensembles still barely perform any women or non-white male composers, radio stations don’t play them and they’re not taught in schools or music exams.

I was so angry, I was furious only now I knew it doesn’t have to be like this and now I had the ability to create change. Classical music is written by people all over the world, of all skin colours, all genders, nationalities, sexualities.

So The Daffodil Perspective was created. A radio show championing a space for everyone. Telling the stories of all these brilliant composers and musicians marginalised by centuries of the white supremacist patriarchy. Creating a mirror that reflects our wonderful diverse world and making a brave space so EVERYONE belongs.

Every show features 50% female composers (half the women featured are black, Asian and ethnically diverse women) and 25% black, Asian and ethnically diverse male composers including at least 1 black male, 1 black female, 1 Asian male and 1 Asian female composer on every show. White composers make up a maximum of 50% composers and airtime.

The Daffodil Perspective also works to prioritise music by black, Asian and ethnically diverse musicians.

The Daffodil Perspective goes out fortnightly on Fridays on Mixcloud. Check the Radio Show page to see the latest shows, how to listen, tracklists and more!

Here’s to a future in classical music where EVERYONE belongs!

Elizabeth de Brito