Are you wondering if any women wrote classical music?

Are you looking for music by female composers?

The Daffodil Perspective is the 1st gender balanced, racially equitable and inclusive classical radio show in the world, celebrating female composers every week.

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Praise for the show

“I love Elizabeth’s style, knowledge and enthusiasm for the composers and musicians she presents on the show. I learn so much now” Vick Bain former CEO of BASCA

“a shining example of balanced programming of compelling music” Lauren Bernofsky – Composer

“I love your show and everything you’re doing – it’s super inspiring to see the quality and variety of your broadcasts. You’ve created something really amazing” Ariadne Lih – soprano and director of the Uncommon Music Festival


2 months on from apologising for my internalised racism and discrimination.  I’m thrilled to give an update on the changes made, the pledges and promises kept and the other policies implemented to prioritise women composers of colour and musicians of colour.

No meaningless solidarity gestures and virtue signalling rampant in the rest of the industry. Read the article here to see what makes The Daffodil Perspective different.

The Daffodil Perspective also provides comprehensive repertoire consultancy services.

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The Daffodil Perspective is a voluntary one-woman show. Each show takes over 12 hours to research, write, curate, produce and present. If you enjoy the show and the work please consider supporting it with a Paypal donation.