And The Stats are Out!

The 1st year of the gender balanced classical music radio show, how did it go?

1 year, 42 shows, 55 hours of music.

409 composers including 204 female composers, 155 living composers and 40 BAME composers/composers of colour.

33 hours of music by women composers, 13 hours of music by living women composers, 6.75 hours of music by BAME composers/composers of colour

584 pieces including 339 by female composers.

14 pieces per week on average including 8 by women, 3 by living composers and from May onwards every show had at least 1 piece by a BAME compose/composer of colour.

Most Played Composer: Florence Price (14 times)

Mozart was played twice, Bach twice and Beethoven once.

See the full infographic report here: The Daffodil Perspective 1st Year Analysis

And see the complete tracklist here

Listen below to the special 1st birthday show featuring a special selection of fave pieces from throughout this 1st amazing year championing gender equality in classical music.

Love to everyone creating and championing gender equality in classical music and thanks to everyone supporting the show in every way.

In the meantime head to Show Archive to hear last week’s show and to see full tracklists of everything I’ve played.

The Daffodil Perspective Awards

A brand new annual award set up to champion recordings of marginalised music and musicians. Celebrating diversity in classical music. Find out more here.