Pledges Made, Promises Kept

2 months ago I issued an apology statement to black women and women of colour for my discrimination and internalised racism. I pledged to do better from that point and 4 shows on I’m thrilled to give an update on what’s changed, what’s been accomplished and what’s new on the 1st ever gender balanced, inclusive classical radio show.

Firstly an update on the pledges.

  1. 20% of female composers will be black and minority ethnic on the show – Yes (now 50%)
  2. Including at least one black female composer on every show – Yes
  3. 21 black female composers on the playlist I mentioned will be featured on the show within a year – 5 featured already
  4. I promise to make including black female composers and women of colour in general, a priority. – Yes, see below.

Since 5th June I’ve curated 4 gender balanced programmes. Out of the female composers featured on every show, half of them were women of colour including at least 1 black woman on every show. This will continue as the standard from now on, half of all female composers on every single show will be women of colour. This will include 1 black/black mixed woman and a mix of Asian, Latinx and/or indigenous woman on every show.

The show specifically champions women but I play 50% male composers on the show too so it’s essential that the same standard of diversity and inclusion is applied to the male composers played on the show.

The last 3 shows have featured at least 1 black male composer and 1 Asian male composer as well as Latinx and indigenous composers. This will continue from now on.

Please see the tracklists to see the changes made and how inclusive and diverse the show is now.

Now, just playing 1 black female composer on every show you may say is tokenism, which is something that cannot be promoted. I completely agree with you. The Daffodil Perspective is 90 minutes long, 14 pieces by 12 composers are played on every show. Just enough time for 1 or 2 composers of each ethnicity. Unfortunately not enough time for more of everyone.

Prioritising women composers of colour on the show.

The Daffodil Perspective is now only accepting speculative music submissions from black and minority ethnic composers, musicians and conductors. Priority for inclusion is given to music by women composers of colour, in particular black, brown and indigenous women. Please submit your music for potential inclusion here

Prioritising musicians of colour

The past 4 shows have all featured at least 1 black female musician, 1 black male musician as well as several other women and men of colour. Recordings made by black and minority ethnic musicians will continue to be included and prioritised on every show.

Partnerships and Collaborations

In addition to all the promises above I will be examining my partnerships, residencies and collaborations. It’s not just vital that my work is de-centring whiteness and championing racial equality, it’s essential that the artists, labels and organisations with whom I partner are working on this as well.

It is unacceptable for The Daffodil Perspective to align with racist, sexist organisations, organisations that continue to uphold white supremacy and marginalise people.

This is a work in progress and I look forward to updating you on the new policies I will be implementing to ensure The Daffodil Perspective works with only those organisations who uphold the same values.

Re-examining the gender equality movement

There were some horrifying responses to my apology article and disturbing differences in attitudes from people of different skin colours. This led me to examine the work of the gender equality movement in classical music as a whole. Stay tuned for the next article discussing the movement championing women composers, the underlying racism and white supremacy prevalent in many organisations.

Lastly I want The Daffodil Perspective to be different from all the virtue signalling, bland meaningless gestures from certain mainstream classical organisations bent on perpetuating white supremacy, racism and sexism. All promises made here are kept.

As I said in my apology, The Daffodil Perspective is committed to fighting racism now and forever. I hope you’ll continue to support this show as the inclusive, diverse and safe space for everyone to see themselves.

Elizabeth de Brito.

The Daffodil Perspective Producer


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