The Daffodil Perspective Awards


It is with deepest regret that due to the Coronavirus pandemic the inaugural Daffodil Perspective Awards for this year have been cancelled.

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes but due to the strict government measures in the UK and across the world it is unfortunately no longer possible to put on these awards.

The cancellation of this year’s Awards were not taken lightly. I was so looking forward to celebrating the huge number of amazing marginalised composers and musicians in this substantial way. The awards were to be a way of bringing us together and rejoicing in our diverse, wonderful industry.

I give my sincerest apologies for this decision, it was not easy to make. I hope The Daffodil Perspective Awards may start next year instead.

In addition to the government restrictions in place, due to COVID my financial situation as a freelance creative volunteer is very unstable and insecure.

The Daffodil Perspective is a one woman voluntary operation, every show takes over 15 hours to put together. My part time day job salary is not enough to subside the awards in addition to The Daffodil Perspective radio show.

Many thanks to all those who donated to my November fundraiser, all the funds raised will now go to the running costs for the radio show and website for this coming year.

I would like to assure my listeners that the Daffodil Perspective show will continue as usual every fortnight.

If you would like to help keep The Daffodil Perspective going through this time of uncertainty please consider making a one-off donation here

Alternatively subscribe here for a monthly pint of knowledge – £5 a month or the price of a pint gives you access to lots more amazing content including every show transcript, a curated new release round-up every month and a curated playlist as well.

In the meantime I invite you to check out the list of recordings made in 2019 by marginalised composers and musicians, over a hundred incredible albums, hours and hours of amazing music to discover.

See the spreadsheet below for the lists of all 2019 recordings of:

  1. Albums of exclusively female composers
  2. Gender balanced albums (at least 40% women composers including airtime and number of composers)
  3. Albums by female conductors
  4. Albums of BAME (black and minority ethnic) composers
  5. Albums by BAME (black and minority ethnic) musicians/conductors–nQI30rzAMy/pubhtml

As the most vulnerable in our society suffer disproportionately in this global pandemic it is now more important than ever to keep championing diversity in classical music and elsewhere. The Daffodil Perspective will continue to champion a more equal and fair society.

Thank you,

Elizabeth de Brito

Creator and producer of The Daffodil Perspective